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Philadelphia, PA 19130

Stephen Link


AHERA Reinspection Announcement

September 2020

Dear Principals,

The School District of Philadelphia works daily to ensure that our students and staff have a safe, healthy

environment in which to learn and work. On behalf of the School District, I am writing to share

information with you about plans to inspect your school for asbestos-containing materials. The goal of

this work is to enhance classroom environments and remove the hazards of damaged asbestos in your

school .

The School District of Philadelphia is required by federal law to inspect its buildings for asbestoscontaining

materials twice per year. This law, known as the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act

(AHERA) of 1986, ensures that the School District:

1. Inspects schools for asbestos-containing building material;

2. Prepares management plans and shares plans in hard copy and online; and

3. Takes action to prevent or reduce asbestos hazards.

Inspections will be performed by a licensed environmental consultant hired by the School District’s

Office of Environmental Management and Services (OEMS). Inspectors will visit all areas of the

building, including classrooms, closets, restrooms, and mechanical spaces to note the condition of

asbestos-containing materials and make recommendations for any needed repairs or remediation

activities. The inspectors have been instructed to check in with you and the building engineer prior to

beginning their work.

Upon completion of their inspection, the environmental consultant will summarize their findings in the

AHERA Six Month Periodic Surveillance Report and leave a copy in the most recent 3-Year Reinspection

binder on-site. You can find the binder in the main office. The District has agreed to work closely on this

effort with Environmental Science representatives from the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Union

and Health and Welfare Fund (PFTU&HWF) and the Philadelphia Healthy Schools Initiative (PHSI) and

to share all data and information in an open and ongoing manner.

In the event that the inspection reveals damaged asbestos that poses an immediate threat to the

community, the affected area will be quarantined immediately and a representative of OEMS will reach

out to the principal or building administrator to coordinate a response.

If you have any questions, please reach out to OEMS by emailing Monique Causley @

mgcausley@philasd.org or calling (215) 400-6635.