Uniform Policy





Kirkbride students have always taken extreme pride in their appearance and dress in a manner exhibiting good taste. A committee of parents, students, and staff has formulated a uniform in compliance with the School District policy.


Uniform Policy:


It is important that we model professional expectations for our students each day, which starts with the way our Kirkbride students present themselves. Please support your child to follow the expectations of the uniform policy.


·      Students must wear a uniform each day to school.

·      All students must wear ROYAL BLUE SHIRTS with a collar.

·      All students must wear BLACK PANTS; girls may wear black skirts or jumpers with black tights only.

·      All students must wear close-toed shoes and are advised to wear comfortable shoes


Kirkbride school uniform shirt

Kirkbride school uniform shirt

Kirkbride school uniform pants

Kirkbride school uniform pants

o   Please note every student participates in recess and they will be running and playing each day; therefore, it is important that students wear comfortable clothing, especially footwear so they can participate and be active!

·      On gym day only, students are permitted to wear loose-fitting, black sweat pants and a royal blue t-shirt.

·      On cool days, students are permitted to wear plain (solid-colored) black, gray or royal blue sweaters over their collared shirts, or long-sleeved shirts of similar colors under their collared shirts.



o   Denim pants (of any color)—uniform pants must be comfortable-fit, professional slacks

o   Leggings, “jeggings,” skinny pants or other tight-fighting clothing. Please note that even on gym days, leggings are not appropriate school attire

o   Ripped, torn or cut-off pants or clothing

o   Logos (other than the Kirkbride logo), designs or un-approved colors

o   Hooded sweatshirts, sweaters or jackets (no “hoodies”)

o   For girls, tights with designs or patterns under skirts or jumpers (must be black or nude).


*If you have any concerns about obtaining the proper school uniform for your child, please contact the school counselor, Ms. Jamison, and she can assist you.


The Kirkbride School Uniforms are available for sale at Triple Play Sports located at 827 South 9th Street, (Corner of 9th & Christian Street) with our school logo embroidered on the shirts. Please contact them at (215) 923-5466 to purchase our uniforms. (Logo shirts are optional, not required)